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The problem with Do-it-Yourself Insulation

Installing home insulation yourself may save some money in the short term. However, it could cost you more than money in the long run, if it is done incorrectly.

It is important to understand the consequences of improper DIY insulation.

1) Property damage 

There is a risk of obstructing airflow if insulation is put in the wrong place and this could lead to mould developing in your property, due to moisture build up. There is also the risk of ice dams forming on the roof in wintery weather.

2) Safety 

Installing insulation around electrical wiring requires training in order to reduce the risks associated with electricity.

Another safety risk is treading in the wrong places of an attic during installation. This is quite easy to do and could lead to you falling through to the room below and injuring yourself. 

3) Health

Improper installation of  insulation could lead to the build up of toxic fumes or indoor air pollution in your property.

Also, unless the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) is used during the installation, irritation of your nose, throat, eyes and skin may occur and could be serious.


These are just some of the reasons why it pays to have a reputable company install your insulation.


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