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Research by Arup spotlights the wider societal benefits of retrofitting homes.


Many people will be aware of the energy saving benefits of retrofitting homes – keeping household energy costs down and reducing carbon footprints. 

However, there has been less focus on the health benefits of home retrofitting.

It is good, therefore, to read Arup’s recent economic appraisal and analysis for the retrofitting of social homes in Leeds.

Arup recognised that low quality housing, with poor heating and air quality, doesn’t just cost more and damage the environment, but that excess cold in homes negatively affects mental health. 

They determined the true cost of retrofitting homes, versus the cost to the NHS of treating adults suffering from anxiety and depression and the cost to the economy through lost output. 

Arup’s conclusion is that ” a cost-benefit analysis of retrofit that is based on energy costs, carbon emissions and air quality improvement, without considering the wider benefits, seems to result in poor value for money. However, when the wider benefits are assessed and included, the benefit-cost ratio moves from 1.35 to 2.15 when considering distribution and health benefits of targeting retrofitting works at social housing”

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How retrofitting homes can also tackle health issues and inequality.

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