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Our energy assessors will inspect your property and agree a plan with you that gives the best result for your home.  Our “whole house” approach ensures that when we have finished your home is warm, and you have sufficient ventilation to have good air quality and no issues with condensation.  

House Wool Insulation

Internal And External Wall Insulation

Homes with solid walls, and this includes most properties built before 1919, lose around 30% of their heat through the walls.  This is due to the poor thermal properties of the brick or stone.  This can be greatly reduced by fitting insulation to either the inside or the outside of the house.

There are pros and cons of both internal wall (IWI) and external wall (EWI) insulation as follows:

Internal Wall Insulation:

  • Generally cheaper to install than EWI.
  • Doesn’t change the external appearance of the property.
  • Only option in a flat where the freeholder may not give permission for external works.
  • Disruptive if you are living in the property during the works.
  • Need to move / extend electrical sockets and media cables.
  • Requires redecoration after works completed.
  • Loss of floor space due to thickness of insulation.


External Wall Insulation:

  • Other repair work may be needed before EWI is fitted (remove render, fix rainwater goods, etc)
  • Changes, but may improve, the external appearance of a property.
  • Can be completed without accessing the home so not as disruptive as IWI.
  • No loss of internal floor space.
  • Often more expensive than IWI to fit.
  • May not be allowed on listed buildings or in conservation areas.
Foam plastic Insulation of a new home on a new roof insulation for the home

Loft Insulation

Residential properties lose a lot of heat through uninsulated loft spaces. 

We can insulate your loft using the best available products that meet the latest government guidelines.  Further to this, our team of tradesmen can also replace any old-fashioned loft hatches. 

These often allow air leakage through to the loft area – a cause of up to 10% of heat loss in a home.  This simple measure can greatly reduce your heating bills and can often be completed in under a day.

Underfloor Insulation

You may not consider heat loss through your floor, but this can account for as much as that lost through the walls. 

If you have a suspended timber floor there will be air vents in the outside wall to allow fresh air to circulate under the floorboards. 

It is essential to allow this air movement to prevent wood rot in the floor timbers.  However, this cold air movement also causes heat loss in the rooms above. 

We will insulate between the floor joists and around the perimeter of the walls. 

This greatly reduces heat loss through the floor and prevents cold air drafts into the ground floor rooms. 

The products used have a 20 year guarantee (and will actually last a lot longer).  It is relatively inexpensive and unobtrusive to do, and we can do a room in less than a day.

Repair of the attic

Loft Conversions And Room In Roof insulation

Are you not using your loft for anything currently? We can turn your unused loft space into anything from:

  • Gaming Room
  • Bedroom
  • Office
  • Bathroom

And many more…

There are many benefits of having a loft conversion inside your household that can lead to an increase in your property value and appeal. Having a loft conversion will give more habitable living space with increased energy efficiency depending on what you turn your extra space into.

We will need to discuss with you the project beforehand, when we’ve spoken to you and agreed upon the terms, we can begin to work on making your ideas come to life.

If you have a room in your attic, a bedroom or office for example, it can often be freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer.  We can insulate the room to prevent heat loss and moderate the temperature throughout the year.  Our experienced fitters can also add dormer windows, create extra storage space in the eves or install an additional en-suite at the same time, maximising the space in your home whilst adding value.

White plastic pvc window with forest background at home. Sunbeam through glass

New Windows And Doors

Our highly-qualified team have helped with window and door replacement, repair and maintenance for clients across the Wirral and beyond.

Old, leaky windows and doors are one of the biggest sources of losing heating from inside your home.  Letting us install double-glazed windows for you can help save you up to 20% off your annual energy bills.

The windows that we can install on your home is:

  • UPVC Double Glazing Windows
  • Box Sash Windows
  • Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Secondary Glazing Units


We can fit a variety of doors for you including:

  • U-PVC Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • French Doors
  • Bi-Fold Doors


All available in a wide range of colours and styles of your choice.

Switch off an electric boiler

Supply and fit new gas boilers

All new Grade-A boilers must achieve an efficiency rating of 92-94%.  Older gas boilers are much less efficient than modern alternatives, with some efficiency ratings as low as 70%. 

Having an old boiler is literally burning money for nothing.

We can supply and fit the most economical boilers available, with the correct heating controls to ensure your heating bills are as low as possible. 

We offer advice on the best package of boiler, controls and installation to fit your budget and lifestyle.  

Combining an efficient boiler, correctly set up and fitted alongside insulation and draft proofing will ensure your heating bills are greatly reduced – and also reduce your carbon footprint.

There may be government grants available to cover the cost of boiler replacement.  The eligibility for these changes all the time but call us for the latest information and advice.

solar panels

Fit Solar And PV Panels

Solar Panel is becoming one if not the earth’s fastest-growing source of renewable energy and is the energy source of the future. You can turn that free sunshine into electricity for you to use and it even works great here in the cloudy United Kingdom.

Solar Panels are made up of a group of little solar cells that are spread over a large area and when light hits a cell, you can start producing electricity for you to start using.

The team here at Eco Wirral Homes can help you easily install both roof and ground-mounted solar panels by top-quality manufacturers.

Once set up you can start reaping the many great benefits that come with having solar panels from reducing the costs of your bills, generating green electricity that doesn’t damage the planet over time and becoming more self-sufficient!

Solar panels are also very low maintenance, you will only have to check them for any potential dirt over a period of time as dirt can potentially stop generating as much electricity as you would like.

Electric car charging station

EV Charging Points

Eco Homes Wirral is a specialist in installing electric vehicles or known as EVs for short across the Wirral and North West area.

The UK is continually getting greener and making the switch over to an environmentally-friendly vehicle is starting to look like the best choice.

We can help you decide which EV charger is right for your current needs and requirements.

There are a lot of EV chargers available in the market and it can be hard if you have just entered the electric energy world to choose the right EV charger for you.

Electrical drawings, work tools and house under construction, building home concept

Full Range of building works

We are not only limited to these services, we offer a full range of building works for you.

We offer these services for you:

  • Extensions
  • Garden Rooms
  • Damp Course Work
  • Supply And Fit New Bathrooms And Kitchens
  • Roof Repairs

And all other building refurbishment works…

We’ld love to hear your project, contact us today and we can discuss making it come true for you.

Wirral Retrofit Training
Retrofit Training

Retrofit Insulation Training Centre

We are pleased to announce the opening of our retrofit insulation training centre in Birkenhead. 

Based alongside the operating company, the training facility offers classrooms and a trade training area where students can get hands on practice for internal and external wall insulation, along with room in roof, loft and underfloor insulation too.

Reach out to our team today to discuss how we can help

Interested in one of our services above? Reach out to our friendly team today and we can discuss your project under no obligation.

Work Process

How Do We Work?

We are always happy to answer queries you may happen to have about our services, we want to make our experience as easy as possible for you.


Contact us to discuss your project

Email or call 0151 200 2102 for an initial discussion about what you want to achieve - reduce energy bills, fit EV charging points, etc.


Our assessor visits your home

We will carry put a retrofit assessment of your property and agree the best way to achieve what you want. This will normally take about an hour.


Work starts on site

Our specialists start the work on site and when complete, hand over the specification sheets and guarantees you need for long term peace of mind.